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European Union

P.H. Hamar Sp. J. B. i H. Grzesiak implements a project under the name ‘Promotion of Hamar's product offer through participation in a programme for the construction and finishing works industry on foreign markets’ co-financed from the European Funds under the Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020, Measure 3.3 Support for the promotion and internationalisation of innovative enterprises, Sub-measure 3.3.3 Support for SMEs in the promotion of product brands – Go to Brand.

The subject of the project is the Applicant's participation in a program for the construction and finishing works industry, aimed at the Applicant's activity and products effective promotion on the international stage, as well as active participation in the promotion of the Polish Economy Brand abroad. Hamar is planning to participate in promotional activities in selected markets in Central and Eastern Europe (i.e. Serbia and Ukraine) and in the Middle East (i.e. the United Arab Emirates).

The aim of the project is to develop Hamar's export activity on foreign markets. Thanks to the implementation of the actions scheduled in the project, it will be possible to increase the company's revenue and establish new contacts in international markets.

The aim of the project is also the effective promotion of the Applicant in the international arena, including the introduction of products to prospective markets, increasing the brand recognition, export sales of products being the subject of the project and the increase in total exports.
Funding agreement No.: POIR.03.03.03.-22-0151/20

Project implementation period:  01.09.2020-30.04.2023

Project value: PLN 476 400.00

Contribution of European Funds (ERDF): PLN 357 300.00